English Product Information

You will find English product information for many of our instruments below the German version. Just click on the instrument(s) you are interested in, and if it comes with a

Englisch English [English below] 

marker, just scroll down to the English language description at the bottom of each individual page. Every instrument page contains an abbreviated description of the individual model.

On many pages on the Internet, English descriptions are based on machine-generated tranlations which are full of mistakes. Our translations are all individually provided by us to make sure they are accurate,   

You want to buy a bow & case with your instrument? Click on the Zubehör tag to find a selection of different carbon fibre or wooden bows (we strongly recommend carbon fibre bows for students!), or different cases (foam or plywood shell models available). There are no English descriptions for bows and cases at the moment, but you will surely be able to deduct the information you need. Or you can simply use Google to translate the relevant page(s). 

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us via chat, email (see contact form), or on the phone (landline), 069-75089737. The only stupid people are the ones who never ask questions - and, unfortunately, there's plenty of them!

We speak fluent English, so if you're from England or the US, or if English is your preferred second language, this isn't a problem for us at all. If you don't speak German or English, contact us via Email and we translate your inquiry and send you a response in your preferred language, if at all possible. 

​Here are a few technical terms (Fachbegriffe) in German and English:

Feinstimmerfine tuner(s)
Schulterstützeshoulder rest
Stimmstocksound post
Knopfend pin